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Caring for your tile & stone flooring

Tile is popular in homes and in commercial environments alike because of how durable and easy to clean it is. To keep your flooring looking its best, however, consider incorporating a minimal amount of daily care and maintenance. That's all it takes, and your flooring will thank you!

For tile, not a lot of care is needed. Tile is, after all, loved for its simplicity! You should still vacuum, sweep, and mop your flooring as needed to keep it looking brand new and polished. You may also want to use steam cleaning.

Dealing with spills

When dealing with common liquid-based stills, such as wine and pet accidents, you'll want to wipe them away immediately or wet mop your floor. Tile can get very slippery when wet, so make sure you dry your floor right away! With tougher stains such as wax or oil or a chemical-based stain, refer to your manufacturer's cleaning guidelines. When using cleaning products, make sure they do not contain acid, vinegar, chlorine, or ammonia, as this can damage or discolor the grout as well as the tile's surface.

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Tile cleaning | All Floors & More
Tile cleaning | All Floors & More
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